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Ashley Academy's Safety Patrol Seeking Applications from 5th Grade Scholars

Safety patrol will help instill leadership skills into our scholars as well as help reinforce gator behavior. This includes monitoring hallways, directing student traffic, helping other students with minor needs, etc. This club takes a tremendous amount of responsibility, and there will be high expectations for the members so that we can continue to make the school a better place to learn.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Ashley Academy Gator Safety Patrol, please complete the application form available here and return it to your teacher or Mr. Ray. The requirements for participation in this club are listed below:

· Maintain a ‘C’ average in all subjects

· No discipline referrals

· Show “GATOR” behavior

o G-Go getter

o A-Accountable

o T-Trustworthy

o O-On task

o R-Respectful

Safety patrol members will rotate every other 9 weeks to give other students a chance to participate in the safety patrol program.