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All Things Kindergarten

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Orientation for enrolled Kindergartners is Thursday, August 25th, from 9-11am!

If your family or friends have a student who will be in Kindergarten at Ashley in the upcoming school year, here is the school supply list for Ashley Kindergarten. School supply sales will begin during the next few weeks and we hope this list will help you buy only what is needed and save you some money.

Kindergarten Supply List / Lista de útiles de jardín de infantes

5 glue sticks / 5 barras de pegamento
1 bottle of hand sanitizer / 1 botella de desinfectante de manos
1 box of ziploc bags (sandwich, quart or gallon) / 1 caja de bolsas con cierre hermético (sándwich, cuarto de galón o galón)
2 boxes of Kleenex / 2 cajas de pañuelos desechables
1 package of baby wipes / 1 caja de toallitas húmedas