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2018 - 2019 Spelling Bee

Congratulations goes out to Kimora Moore for winning the Bolton Spelling Bee for the second year in a row!  Kimora will represent Bolton Elementary School in the District wide spelling bee.  


Kimora and mom Kimora


We had a class representative from every third grade, fourth grade and fifth grade class.

3rd Grade Participants

Shaneera Carrington-Higginsgroup

Nykera Stubbs

Litzy Hernandez-Garcia

Gianna Ceron


4th Grade Participants 

Kennedy Williams

Raul Rodriguez-Gutierrez

Audrey Garland


5th Grade Participants 

Natasha DeJesus-Valdivia

James Alfing

Kimora Brooks 


  The spelling bee lasted for 12 rounds.  The last two students to compete were Kimora and James.  Kimora said she did not remember the winning word; she was just a spelling machine.  James, however, remembers his missed words.  He stated that he knew exactly what he missed on the first word as soon as he spelled it.  The second word that he missed he knows he will never misspell again!