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School Volunteers

Dear Bolton Volunteers,


I hope that you are doing well and staying safe! The year ended abruptly due to the school closure and there were so  many things that we were not able to do in person. Every June we love to thank and celebrate you at Bolton but with the new parameters we are unable to do that this year.  However, we want you to know that every visit, every hour that you work tirelessly preparing to come to school and everything that you do for Bolton is truly appreciated.  The work that we do each day and the support that you give us in doing that work is part of what makes Bolton a great place to learn, work and volunteer.  Your willingness to assist our Bolton Bears and our Bolton staff means everything to me.  Please know this:


Your Excellence Helps Drive Our Success!


Our school district is working on plans for the 2020-2021 school year.  We will keep you updated as the information is released to us. In the meantime, enjoy the summer and please know that we are absolutely grateful for you and all that you give to Bolton. 


With kind regards and appreciation,


Dr. Cheryl Frazier



Ms. Alex Canavos

Parent Engagement Coordinator