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Middle School Registration

February 26, 2021

Dear Rising 6th Grade Parent/Guardian,

Your student is about to begin an exciting new journey in their educational career, as they transition from elementary school to middle school. Of course, this transition to middle school is met with excitement as well as anticipation. Bolton Elementary is dedicated to easing the transition from elementary to middle school while preparing and challenging our students to reach their fullest academic potential. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year all registration will be completed online. Therefore, we will need your support as we register our rising 6th grade students for classes in the Fall of 2021. Working together, we can accomplish this task efficiently.

To ensure that your student is ready for classes in the Fall of 2021; we will soon begin the registration process. We want you to be aware of some very important dates and requirements.

March 1-9, 2021: Please review elective courses, (see “Your Guide To Middle School Registration”) and talk with your student about their selections. 

March 10-15, 2021: Students will only select and enter elective courses in PowerSchool with their school counselor.

March 16, 2021: Deadline for parents to check their student’s elective choices and make requests for any changes.

*** Core Course assignments will be available in PowerSchool by the beginning of May. At that time, there will be a process to request changes through your school counselor, if needed.


Rinita Williams


Below are possible elective choices.  Elective course options vary from school to school.



World Languages

Beginning Chorus 6

Exploring Career Decisions 5

Beginning French 6

Beginning Orchestra 6*

Computer Skills and Applications P1 6

Beginning Spanish 6

Beginning Band 6*

Exp. Family & Consumer Sciences P16

Beginning Spanish Heritage 6

Beginning Visual Arts 6

Technology Design & Innovation 6

Beginning German 6

Beginning Theater Arts 6


Beginning Japanese 6


Beginning Latin 6



Beginning Chinese 6