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Early College Food Service

Early College Meal Delivery Process & Procedures


Student Responsibility


The following link will allow you to access the website to order breakfast and lunch, access menus, and information about free/reduced lunch: 

Students are encouraged to add money to their accounts via so that money is available on account at the time they order.  This system allows for alerts on low balances. 

Households can apply for free or reduced priced meal benefits via the district application at any time throughout the year or anytime there is a change in income for the household.

Students are responsible for placing their meal orders by the provided deadlines.  There are no guarantees that items ordered after the deadline will be provided. 

  • Breakfast Deadline – 7 am day of service requested
  • Lunch Deadline – 10 am day of service requested

Students are responsible for picking up their ordered meals on the designated date the designated times in the lower atrium area of Snyder Hall.  Meal Services time are:

  • Breakfast – 9 am – 9:20 am
  • Lunch - 11:45 am – 12:00 pm


Child Nutrition Responsibility

Child Nutrition personnel will deliver and serve meals to students at the designated service times in the designated service areas. 

Child Nutrition will deliver via the loading area at the lower atrium level of Snyder Hall.

Child Nutrition will charge all student accounts for meals based on their meal statuses (free, reduced, paid).  In the event a student does not pick up an ordered meal, the items will be charged at the retail pricing rates because the meals cannot be claimed for program reimbursement.

If a student orders a meal and regularly fails to pick the meal up, Child Nutrition personnel with address the concern with school administration. 

Meals will be prepared at Parkland High School and transported to the Early/Middle College campus.  Based on volume and business need, this location may change at any time.