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Zoom Links for Spring Semester

Click on the teacher's name below to join the Zoom link for your class.  Some teachers have included the Meeting ID and Passcode if you need this.  You should be able to just click the link for the teacher's name to get into the Zoom session.  These links will be displayed on the school website for this week only.  Students are encouraged to enter their Zoom sessions by clicking on the link in their teachers' Canvas pages.

Students MUST be logged into their account to gain access to the Zoom sessions.


Meeting ID: 957 3483 4846
Passcode: 535841



Meeting ID: 933 0198 4378
Passcode: civics

Green (Try this link first.  If it doesn't work, try this link:  Green2)

Meeting ID: 981 6611 4181

Passcode: 556911



Meeting ID: 977 8404 7603
Passcode: mcneil






Pagan (has a different link for each period)

Pagan (1st Period) Meeting ID 944 0879 3931 / Passcode: 1k766c

Pagan (3rd Period) Meeting ID 992 2110 8164 / Passcode: 2q131i

Pagan (4th Period) Meeting ID 936 4126 7398 / Passcode: 6a821l





Meeting ID: 960 9838 9185
Passcode: WeavilMath



Meeting ID: 975 8043 7913
Passcode: Earth21