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Science Fair






Lilly Bowman, a fourth grader in Mrs. Eubank's Class, Caitlyn Brown, a third grader in Mrs. Read's class, and Luke Ellingson, a second grader in Mrs. Light's class all won first place in our Cash Elementary Science Fair that was held before we adjourned for winter break.  Lilly and Caitlyn were both tied for first place in the 3-5 division of our local fair, so we were able to send both of them to the district fair.  These three scientists represented Cash Elementary at the WSFCS 2018-2019 Science Fair.  The Fair was held Friday, January 11th at the Kaleideum.  They had a wonderful time exploring the many exhibits as their projects were being judged.  Luke went on to become the winner in the K-2 division of the WSFCS Elementary Science Fair.  We are so proud of these three!