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Car Lines

During our recent PTA meeting, issues with the morning car drop-off in the back K-2 lot were addressed.
Following are some tips that will help make things more efficient for everyone!
■ Drop off begins at 7:25am and students should be in their classrooms by 7:55am. There are "sweet spots" when the back lot is practically empty - usually between 7:30am and 7:40am. Try leaving 5 or 10 minutes earlier than usual!
■ Please give your full attention while on school property. While your car is moving in a school zone, it is important not to be using or talking on your cell phone. You may miss the signal to pull forward.
■ You may not drop-off in the middle of the lot or on the street or in the bus lot and have your child walk across the parking lot unattended.
■ Make sure your child is unbuckled and has all belongings in hand before the door is opened.
■ The drop-off zone is on the right-hand side of the car. Place car seats for siblings accordingly. Do not have your children exit the car on the left/driver's side. Everyone should be ready to get out on the passenger side.
■ DO NOT get out of the car in the drop-off line. Your child should be able to unbuckle their own seat belt, have their belongings gathered and be ready to exit when you stop.The safety patrol will assist in opening and shutting the door.
■ If your child needs more time at drop-off, park your car in a designated spot and walk them into the front of the building. The drop-off line is for quick and efficient exiting of the vehicle. Your child may not be ready for a quick drop-off, and that is OK.
■ Please leave pets at home.
■ Try letting your child ride the bus!