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Belief Statement

The Easton Family will:
  • Respect cultural diversity, recognizing the value of individual worth and uniqueness.
  • Become reflective thinkers who reason, make decisions, think critically and creatively, solve problems.
  • Participate in collaborative learning opportunities.
  • Exhibit character traits that will be reinforce and celebrate school-wide

Respect Kindness  Responsibility
IntegrityCourageGood Judgment


Self DisciplineTrustworthiness

  • These Character Traits are a reflection of our values and our commitment to character building in our school.
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm and appreciation for enriched learning opportunities including but not limited to visual and performing arts, physical education, and technology.
  • Prepare for an ever-changing world with 21st Century Skills that will enable them to locate, research, and effectively use information from a variety of sources.
  • Demonstrate global awareness by understanding how we influence the world and how the world influences our lives.
  • Value knowledge and become life long learners.
  • Be a community of leaders who value high ethical and academic standards.