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AM Car Line Procedures

  • Please remember to pull your vehicle forward as you have the opportunity to do so. 
  • Should you be the only car in the line, we ask that you continue to pull forward to the NO CELL PHONE SIGN. This will allow for additional vehicles to arrive behind you and not create overflow onto Arrow Leaf Drive.  
  • At times, the line will be long.  We know some of our younger students take longer to exit the car at the beginning of the year.  Please exercise patience and do not pull out of the line and pass cars in the second lane.  This procedure prevents students or adults from being hit crossing the parking lot. 
  • Our car rider team will be utilizing signs during heavy traffic periods that ask you to pull forward or to stop.  This additional precaution has been added to help effectively communicate with drivers. 
  • If at all possible, please have students sit on the right hand side of the car.  Book bags should be prepared and students should not be eating breakfast.  Finally, we ask that drivers refrain from using their cellular telephones while driving on campus. This is for the safety of our students, staff and any persons walking into the building.