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Return to School - January 2021

Lewisville Elementary - Important Information about the Return to School


We are excited about the return of our students to in person learning!  

2nd & 3rd graders return on January 11.

4th & 5th graders return on January 19th with assigned cohort groups.

This document will provide families with important information about procedures and safety protocols which must be followed to keep everyone safe and healthy!


School Day Hours 7:55am-2:25pm



There will be no walk-ups.

All students must arrive via the car line or WS/FCS transportation for screening purposes. 


  • There will be a double car line in the mornings & afternoons.
  • We will begin screening at 7:25 am. Each student who comes in a car will have to complete a screening, including a temperature check done by one of our staff screeners.  The student will stay in the car for the temperature check. Please wear your mask during the screening. If the student passes the screening, s/he may exit the car and enter through the FRONT DOOR of the school.  
  • Students should be seated on the passenger side and have all belongings ready to exit if they pass the screening.
  • A bag breakfast (OPTIONAL) will be available for all students.  
  • Students will report directly to their classrooms.


  • Each student who plans to arrive on a bus will have to have an attestation form   completed before s/he can ride the bus. 
  • Each student will be required to have a mask on prior to boarding the bus. 
  • Upon arrival, each student will have a temperature check. If the child passes the temperature screening, s/he may go directly to the classroom. If the child does not pass the temperature screening, then the child will be placed in a holding room and parents will be contacted for pick-up.
  • A bag breakfast (OPTIONAL) will be available for all students to pick up as they go to class.  



There will be no walkers.  All students will need to be picked up via the car line or via school or daycare van at the bus lot. 


  • Students will be dismissed at 2:25pm.
  • Students will be dismissed directly from their classrooms.  Each parent will display a car tag from the rearview mirror.  This should be placed so that staff can easily see it.
  • 1st-5th students will be sent to the car rider line from their classrooms.  Staff will be available throughout the building to assist students to the gym where they will be socially distanced to wait for their car.  


  • Students will be dismissed from their classrooms when their bus arrives on campus.


Students will eat breakfast and lunch in the classroom at their desks.

Students may remove their masks right before they begin eating and must put them back on as soon as they are finished eating. 



  • In order to separate students, their desks are spaced 6 feet apart.  We have removed a great deal of furniture from classrooms so they will look very different than in the past.  Some classrooms only have student desks and a teacher table remaining.
  • Due to the hybrid schedule (in person and remote learning), your child’s schedule may be different than the current schedule.
  • All students and staff are expected to wear masks or face coverings at all times, inside and outside while on campus.
  • Students will be allowed to have recess.  The playground equipment will not be able to be used, but students will have space to run and play.  Students will be expected to social distance (6 ft apart)  and wear masks during recess.



  • K-2 will return their school issued devices to school when they return to in person learning. For 2nd grade - please send the device to school with your child on January 11 if you have not already returned it.  
  • 3-5 will bring their personal or school issued devices to & from school each day.



  • Begin preparing your child.  Talk to your child about what the school day will be like.  This is different for everyone.  We saw during the first quarter that our students are resilient and adaptable.  This is yet another transition for them and they will need some time to transition.
  • Be patient and flexible!  This is new to everyone - especially our staff!  Be kind to our screeners and staff as they implement new processes.  They are dedicated to making sure our school is a safe place for learning!

I am so proud to be the principal of such an amazing school! Over 80% of our families chose “in person” as their learning choice.  This is exciting to me and tells me that you trust us with your children.  It is our goal to work together to make sure that we keep everyone safe.  If you have any other questions that were not addressed in this document, please contact the school and our staff will be happy to help you.




Anna Balser, Principal