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Student Spotlight - Victoria Hoover


Victoria Hoover is a wonderful addition to Lewisville.  She is organized, attentive, and diligent.  Victoria has all her materials ready for each subject, especially during in person learning.  She shows initiative when she needs clarification on her assignments.  She will send me a message to explain the issue she is having on her assignment and she will send a message to ask for help on her assignment.  In her messages, her thoughts are clear and concise.  She and I have had to work through a few technical issues, and she is able to take the directive and problem solve.  Her work is submitted on time and she is on time to all her classes.  She listens to directions and follows them…despite the lag that each of us may have in our internet connection; this doesn’t slow her down.  She has shown independence when working.  When given tasks, she can complete them because she can manage her time.  Victoria is well mannered and respectful to all.  She has adjusted to not only being a Cool Cat, but to remote learning, and in person instruction with ease.  She has a calm presence amidst all the changes we have encountered this school year.  I admire this trait about her.  She is a student I can rely on during the school day.  Victoria is a model student, and I am fortunate to be her in my class!

Ms. Gumbs - 4th Grade Teacher