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AUTHOR VISIT on September 7, 2018: WELCOME Ms Joyce Moyer Hostetter!

On September 7, 2018, author Joyce Moyer Hostetter visited our school. Ms Hostetter is the author of the book series "Baker's Mountain Stories". There are currently 4 titles in the series. The titles are: "Aim", "Blue", "Comfort", and "Drive". Each book has dealt with a different aspect of life as a teenager in the United States before, during and after World War II. Ms Hostetter talked to us about being a writer and how she gets the ideas for the books she has written. Our students were very interested in learning how a real author creates a book. BOOKMARKS supplied us with several copies of the books for use in our school. THANKS to Ms Hostetter and BOOKMARKS! Our students enjoyed this assembly event.

Ms Joyce Hostetter reading a paragraph from one of her books     Students during the assembly