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Science Fair project winners for 2018/19

The Science Committee would like to recognize the students listed as Science Fair Project Winners.

Kindergarten through Second Grade:

1st Place: Alexander Zarate (Ms Nuckoll's Class)

               Title: The Flying Rubber Band

               Purpose: How long do I need to stretch the rubber band so it can fly far?

               Conclusion: 25 centimeters is the best stretch for my rubber bands.

                K-2nd grade 1st place winner

2nd place: Zakaryah Littrell (Ms Jessup's class)

                Title: How does a Windmeter work?

                Purpose: Find out how you can make your own instrument to measure the speed and power of the wind.

                Conclusion: The higher the speed level of the fan, the faster the anemometer will go.

                K-2nd Grade 2nd place winner


Third through Fifth Grade:

1st Place:  Jacob Farmer (Ms Smith's class)

                Title: Nu-Clear (Nucleus) Egg

                Purpose: What happens when a raw egg and a hard boiled egg are placed in vinegar?

                Conclusion: I learned how an egg in vinegar can be compared to the cells in our bodies. Just like the egg with no shell,

                our cells have a nucleus on the inside but do not have a shell on the outside. It amazed me to watch a hard boiled egg

                turn into a rubber ball.

                Third - Fifth Grade 1st place winner

2nd Place: Kai Adams (Ms McDonagh's class)

                Title: Which fruits or vegetables make a better battery.

                Purpose: Determine which fruits or vegetables make a better battery.

                Conclusion: Apples make the best battery. 

                 Third - Fifth Grade 2nd place winner

3rd Place: William Moore (Ms Barnes' class)

                Title: Need for Speed

                Purpose: Does weight or height affect how fast a car can travel down a ramp?

                Conclusion: The shape of an item can have an impact on how well it can travel going down a hill.

                Third - Fifth Grade 3rd place winner


CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners! THANKS to all the students that participated! We had a LOT of good scientific projects.