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Parent Literacy Informational Meeting January 31, 2019

Parent Literacy Meeting, January 31, 2019


The Parent Literacy Meetings were held on January 31, 2019. We had 2 sessions available for Parents. One session was at 9:00am and another was at 5:15pm. Each session provided information to parents on how to help their children be successful at reading and writing. We also offered tips on how to read to your children and how to read with your children. We gave questions parents/guardians can ask children when they are reading to be sure they are understanding what they are reading. We had a variety of snacks and beverages available at each session. Every parent was entered in a door prize giveaway at each session. Translator devices were available for use during the session for those parents who preferred to use one.

THANK YOU PARENTS for taking advantage of this opportunity to meet at our school and learn ways to help your children (our students!) be successful.

Below are some photos from our sessions.

Dr Gladstone, principal, talking to parents at the Literacy Meeting in the Media Center    Dr Gladstone, principal, discussing literacy tips with parents    Parents at the Literacy Meeting in the Media Center  

A parent at the literacy meeting using the speech translator    Parents at the evening session of the Literacy Information Meeting    A parent at the literacy meeting receiving the door prize      

Another parent door prize winner at the Literacy Informational Meeting