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Get a Jump Start on Kindergarten:

 Practice Math Skills at Home:

  • Comparing: Talk about how things are alike and different (books, toys, movies, food, places).
  • Sorting and Counting: Practice sorting objects at home, count the objects in each set (silverware, clothes, toys, buttons rocks).
  • Shapes: Find and talk about shapes in the environment, "That sign looks like a triangle".
  • Numbers: Use magnetic numbers and put them in order.  Take away a number and play "What's the missing number." Look for numbers around your house (remotes, telephones, pantry).
  • Puzzles: Make puzzles out of cereal boxes.


Practice Literacy Skills at Home:

  • READ EVERY DAY and talk about the books you read.
  • DRAW EVERY DAY and talk about your drawings.
  • Letters: Put magnetic letters in ABC order.  Take away a letter and play "What's the missing letter." Look for letters around your house (remotes, pantry, books.)
  • Names: Build or write your name and names of family members and pets.
  • Scissors: Cut up junk mail or magazines and make a collage.
  • Fine Motor: Playdough, Legos, lacing, painting at an easel.