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2021-2022 Online Course Registration Information & Department Videos for Rising 9th - 12th Grade Bobcats

2021 2022 registration

February 1st - March 10th 

We are happy to begin online registration for our rising 9th - 12th grade Bobcats!

Included below are resources and directions to help you with the registration process.

Choosing your classes is an important step toward reaching your academic and career goals! Please talk to your families, counselors and teachers and review all course information before making your course selections. To select classes for the 2021-2022 school year, students may utilize the online registration worksheet as a guide. 

All students will meet individually (virtually) with their counselor between February 1st and March 10th to review their academic progress and requested courses for the following school year. If you have questions, please email you your counselor and specify 'Registration Questions' in the subject line of your email. 

 GHS Registration Information for Students & Parents & Requested Courses Worksheet

Career Center Information for 2021-2022 Directions for PowerSchool Online Course Registration  
 Career Center Quick Reference Guide 2021-2022 Glenn High School Elective Courses 
Career Center 10th Grade Course Options Rising 9th Grade Information for the Class of 2025 
Informacion de Clases en Espanol 2021-2022 GHS   Informacion para Inscripciones 2021-2022

  GHS Subject Departments Information & Videos

Your GHS Counselors
 Student Services Main Line: (336) 771-4505
Gloria Calabro
Students with last names:  A-FL (9th) &  A-D, F (10th-12th)
Carolyn Sears
Students with last names:  Fo-Mc (9th) & G, J-O (10th-12th)
Ryanne Osborne 
Students with last names:  Me-Si (9th) & H, P-S (10th-12th)
Dean Orfanedes
Students with last names:  Sk-Z (9th) & E, I, T-Z (10th-12th)