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A Message from Mr. Ash - Nov. 1, 2020 - Schedule Changes

Message from the Principal

Good afternoon Speas Bees,

We needed to send some clarifications for staff and families for the next few weeks and how the schedule will operate.


The week of November 2-6:

We will have about 35-40 students reporting to school. Just PreK and our Self-Contained Special Education classes. They will be reporting to school on regular school hours.

All other students will remain with remote learning. The hours for remote learning will remain the same this week as they have been since the start of school. Starting by 8:25 am and on the same daily schedule. The only major change this week (one major change at a time I figure) will be the Flex day. The district is requiring all Elementary and Middle Schools to switch from Fridays to Wednesdays. This is because we will have students in the school and Wednesdays are a cleaning day (no staff will be at the school on Wednesdays except for Custodial staff doing a super cleaning).

What does this mean for Specials?

The Specials you have on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday will see no change at all. The Specials  you have on Wednesdays will now be on Fridays. That is the only major change. Staff will still assign asynchronous lessons and small group/individual work groups, they will just now be on Wednesdays. We had hoped to wait one more week to make this change but it must occur this week. As for Music. We have hired a music teacher. He comes to us with a background teaching in IB schools in Moscow and Belarus most recently. He happens to know our IB Coordinator, Ms. Jacober from their college years at App State. We look forward to having him start very soon (International background checks take longer to clear is all).


Week of November 9-13:

Kindergarten will be returning this week to school for those that choose to. This will see ALL of our students in school and those remaining remotely moving over to a new daily schedule. This schedule will center around the operation of the day as if in school. We must account for lunch, recess, specials, breaks, cleanings, and other logistics. This will be a schedule followed as all grade levels transition to returning to in the school (if you choose that option). The day will officially be from 7:55-2:25. This will be made available to everyone by Wednesday, the 4th, at the latest. We will try to get it out sooner. Remembering that by now we will also already be on Flex Wednesdays.


As a school our students, parents, and staff have all done an amazing job. I want to thank you all. This is another new transition point for us as we move forward. We will see 1st graders returning the week of the 16th and eventually they are bringing back 2nd-5th grade through the stagger schedule. As we learn more we will make sure to communicate any changes.


Thank you all

Robert Ash, Principal


Spanish coming soon