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Roof 19 By Kim Underwood

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

JUNE 25, 2018 – This morning, wherever you went at Walkertown Elementary, men were working on one project or another.

Outside, you could see workers up on the roof. In one parking lot, men were using heavy equipment to move stacks of insulation. At the edge of another parking lot, men were pouring concrete. And, at the back of the building, men were using yet more heavy equipment to move earth.

Inside, workers on scaffolding were working up in the ceiling area.  

“We have four projects going on at the same time,” said Barry Motsinger, the school system’s Director of Capital Projects. 

By the time teachers and students return in August, he said, workers will have finished four major projects – replacing the roof, replacing the HVAC systems, creating a new route to drop off and pick up students so traffic will no longer back up on Main Street, and replacing the generator.

“When you have a power outage, the generator comes on,” Motsinger said.

As part of summer work projects, generators are also being replaced at three other schools – Reynolds High, Forest Park Elementary, Petree Elementary.

Roof 8 At Walkertown Elementary this morning, workers were pouring concrete and leveling it to create a pad for the new generator.

Because the ceiling in the hallways at Walkertown Elementary had to be removed and lighting fixtures detached to remove the old HVAC system, students and teachers will also find new hallway ceilings and lighting when they return.

“It’s going to a look a lot nicer when we’re done,” Motsinger said.

They will also see a spruced-up entrance. Workers are replacing damaged tiles at the entrance.

“We are redoing the front entrance to make it look better,” Motsinger said.

For now, all those projects means activity everywhere.  

The old HVAC system dates to 1990 when the school was built. With the old HVAC units removed and stacked in the gym and the new system not yet installed, that means that, for the moment, the building has no air conditioning at all.

Roof 32 Motsinger offered to move those still working in the school office this summer to a mobile unit that is air conditioned. With much of their paperwork at hand in the school office, Data Manager Kathy Bailey and Jeana Jacob have chosen to keep working in the toasty office for now.

Bailey said she is glad to see the work being done.

“I think it’s a good thing,” she said. “I am ready to see the finished product.”

“We are looking forward to the finished product,” Jacob said.

As it was, the roof had leaks, and the HVAC equipment was inconsistent, she said.

For people working in the office, a fringe benefit of the new HVAC system is that the office will have its own unit, giving staff members there greater control and making it possible to continue to cool the office while not cooling the rest of the building.

Many parents will no doubt be happy about the new pick-up and drop-off line. As it was, the school had two lines – both off Main Street. Parents of students in kindergarten through second grade used the loop directly in front of the school, and parents of students in the upper grades used a parking lot on the north side of the school.

“They backed up onto Main Street and caused traffic jams,” Motsinger said.

Roof 21 Workers are building a new road. It comes off Darrow Road, which runs along the back of the school and continues along the back side of nearby Walkertown High and Middle schools.

When school starts, parents dropping off older students will come in off Darrow Road.

“It gets us off Main Street,” Motsinger said.

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