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Opening Night of Peter and the Star Catcher

Peter and the Starcatcher icon
RJR's Drama Department staged the musical play "Peter and the Starcatcher" on Oct. 10th - 12th.  To see a copy of the bulletin given to all attendees.  To see a recording of the opening night of this awesome performance.
As can be seen below:  the sturdy/sophisticated props that were built specifically for this performance were unbelievable....and expensive.  This "ship" (which is on casters...because during the play it seperates into two equal-size props) had costs of $3,000 for lumber and $450 for hardware to build!  Also, High Point Univeresity lent $10,000 worth of casters and $2,000 worth of electrical equipment.
ship built for "Peter and the Starcatcher"  
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