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Meals 4 Morgan


Meals 4 Morgan Frequently Asked Questions

What is Meals 4 Morgan?

Meals 4 Morgan is a supplemental food program that will send kid-friendly, nutritious foods home with hungry children on the weekends during the school year. The children receiving the food are those who are at risk of going hungry during the weekend. Monetary donations are used to obtain well-balanced meals approved by child nutritionists. All donated money is dedicated for food purchase. This program is completely run and operated by volunteers who care about our school and it’s children.
Does Morgan really need this program?
Yes! Although the school is new and the landscaping is fresh and beautiful, there are children who are going without the basic food they need. Studies show that children who receive adequate nutrition on a regular basis perform better in school and are less likely to have behavior problems.
Will everyone know which kids receive the food?
The identity of the children in the program is kept strictly confidential. Only the child’s teacher and the guidance counselor will know who receives food assistance. Their teacher or the school guidance counselor will refer the child into the program. What will a child in the program receive?
Each child in the program will receive two breakfasts, two lunches and two snacks each Friday of the school year. Food is sent home in bags that can be placed in the child’s backpack. The foods are easily opened by children and do not need oven or microwave preparation. The menu will vary throughout the year.
My child is not getting enough food on the weekends. How can I have my child added to the program?
If your child is not getting enough to eat on the weekends at home please contact Amy Trinkle.