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WS/FCS Beginning Teacher Spotlight

The WS/FCS Office of New Teacher Induction supports all teachers during their first three years in the classroom. This is one in a series spotlighting some of the teachers nominated by their mentors.

Sparks 4JANUARY 21, 2022 – Jodi Sparks teaches third grade at Rural Hall Elementary. This is her first year as a teacher, and Amy Verner is serving as her mentor. This is what Verner had to say:

“Jodi is a beginning third-grade teacher at Rural Hall Elementary. She has worked here for many years, wearing many hats, and has done an outstanding job in all of them. The last several years she has managed to earn her degree and continue to give her all to her family and to our school.”

“ I have seen some cool, fun, and meaningful activities this year that she has done with her students. I am learning from her this year, just as her class is!”

“She is constantly thinking and planning best practices for her third graders. Jodi is and will continue to be a great asset and blessing to her current and future students.”