Beginning 2nd Quarter

Posted by Kimberley Jones on 11/17/2012

First quarter was busy in our sheltered classes. It was a time of many surprises. Students were talking and raising their hands to answer questions. Cross cultural relationships are being formed and confidence grows daily.  Some students asked for additional help with their Science Fair projects and stayed after school a couple of days to get them started.
Two of the sheltered reading groups have been doing an author study of Patricia Polocco and have made amazing connections to her books. They cannot seem to get enough.  We have read "Mrs. Mack," "Thank you, Mr. Falker," "Junkyard Wonders," "The Keeping Quilt, " and "Chicken Sunday." In reading these texts students have been able to create a timeline of Polocco's life and to make text to self connections.  They are fascinated by her learning experiences as a child and how she overcame them to become an author. Recently, they wrote letters to her and we hope she will write back. To bring a conclusion to our study, we are going to read "Lightning in a Jar" and Rylant's "When the Relatives Came" to make a comparison between the texts and author's style.
I recently attended a Carolina TESOL conference where I learned new strategies for vocabulary, summarizing, and brain based learning. I am hoping to utilize new graphic organizers with our reading and writing.