Such Growth

Posted by Kimberley Jones on 1/24/2013

It has been a wonderful experience to watch students grow from fall to now. The writing the students are producing has come so far. Today students in one group were instructed to write about their "mother", but not as a mother rather as an individual. Students had to create a topic sentence and then three main characteristics of her. The title is the mothers name and she is referred that way throughout the piece unless the student decides to draw the connection in the conclusion. It was a challenge at first as most 9 year olds do not think about how their parents were before kids, but this has really made them stop and look at their mother in a new light. Their mothers are special not simply because they are good to their children but also because they have many talents and gifts that are of value outside their domestic role. 
Many other writing topics have produced  successful results; student work has been submitted and printed in the school newspaper.