Grading Policy

Students are graded on a few things. The first of which, is effort. If students just try their best in class they really can not fail. They DO NOT have to be good at creating art to get a good grade! Of course, effort does not override following the assignment directions and set criteria.
Students are given a project due date and the criteria for the project. Projects are graded using a 7pt scale based on the criteria.
The main criteria are based in IB assessment. They are:
A. Knowledge and Understanding (Do you get what I am teaching you? Can you return this knowledge to me in the artwork you create?)
B. Application (Are you doing what is assigned in a way that was instructed?)
C. Reflection and Evaluation (If it did not work the first time, did you understand why and were you able to improve it?)
D Personal Engagement (Are you making a daily effort to complete the assigned lesson?)
FREE WRITING WARM-UP/Daily Participation
Students also receive two grades for their Free Writing exercise.
For the 6-week Encore progress reports, students must have a minimum of 10 out of 14 Free Writing exercises.
At the end of each quarter, students must have an additional 6 out of 8 Free Writing exercises.
Students who are in class every day and do a free write every day will have 22 free writing exercises at the end of each quarter. To receive two A's, I am asking to see 16 out of 22 free write exercises from each student in the correct format.
Free Writing is an exercise where I introduce a new piece of art (painting, sculpture, architecture, mosaic, stained glass, etc) to the students. Students write the Title of the Art, Artists Name and Year it was created. Students are also asked to write about what they see? If they like it or not, and why? Would they hang it in their house/bedroom? What mood does the art create? and, What do you think of this piece? Students are encouraged to be creative in their writing. They are asked to write about the artwork in complete sentences.
The is NO talking during the free write exercise. Free Writing begins once the student enters the art class and lasts just a few minutes past the tardy bell.
Tutoring is available by request. Please contact me to set up an appointment.
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