August 29 - September 4

Posted by Tiffany Larson on 9/2/2016

WOW!!  What a busy week we have had.  These new kindergarteners have worked so hard.  They are learning the routines and procedures of the classroom very quickly.  I am very impressed.
Here are a few bits of information:
The snack calendar for September came home in the Southwest folder.  It is also posted here on my site under the calendar heading.  We do have a few food allergies in our class. We do have 19 kids on roll so please send enough for each student.
Please remember to return your Southwest folder (the one with a bus on the front) to school each day.
Take home reading for homework will begin the week of September 19th.
This week we have learned the core values of Southwest.  S-safe, O-outstanding, A-accountable, R-respectful.  We have discussed how following these guidelines will help everyone have a great day at school.  The children have earned SOAR tickets for individually following these rules and have earned eggs for our nest by SOARing as a class.  We will continue to reinforce these ideas with positive reinforcement on a daily basis.  Find out how much your child already knows about how to SOAR at SW.
During math we worked on numbers 0 - 5.  This incuded counting to 5, making sets up to 5 with red dots, putting number cards 0 - 5 in the correct order, and writing the numerals.  Please practice this at home as we will be jumping up to 10 next week.
Our language arts focus this week was learning others names.  We discussed how all names begin with a capital letter and are followed by lowercase letters.  We played a hide and seek game with our names.  We played a missing letter game with our names.  We worked on reading other people's names.  The students are expected to recognize their name in the classroom in order to find their materials daily.  The expectation beginning this week is that they will write their name with only the first letter being capital.  We are also encouraging students to know the names of all the letters in their first name and to be able to tell other words that begin with the same first sound as their name.  Thank you in advance for your help with practicing this at home.
If you have not yet sent in a family picture, please do so as soon as possible.
There were a set of keys left in the room during KinderCamp.  If they belong to you please contact me to pick them up.
I am working on the directory this weekend and will send it home next Friday.  If you have not yet returned your paper, and want to be included, I will look for it in your child's folder next week.
Have a great long weekend and I look forward to seeing all my students' smiling faces onTuesday!