September 6 - September 9

Posted by Tiffany Larson on 9/9/2016

Another great week in Kindergarten.  The week was short but packed full.  The children have learned routines and procedures so well that we have been able to follow the schedule that I gave out in the parent packet almost to the minute.  I am so proud of all their effort to SOAR at SW!  We have 6 eggs in our nest.  If you need to know what I am talking about with eggs and nests; ask your kid!
During math we added numbers 6 - 10 to our math bags.  The students are now expected to order number cards 0 - 10.  We have begun correct number formation when writing numbers.  The children also made sets when shown a number card 6 - 10.  All of these skills should be practiced at home.  Make simple flashcards on index cards to make sure students recognize the digits out of order and then let your child put the cards in the correct order.  Using the same cards, have the student put that many pennies below the card.  Number writing will take a lot of practice; watch digits 2, 3, and 5 for reversals.
During our language arts time we continue to speak in complete sentences when introducing ourselves to one another.  The children built a sentence using word cards that said:  My name is _________.  The chidren have also learned about putting a period at the end of a sentence.  The class then got to illustrate using markers and the pages were bound into a class book.  We are strictly enforcing correct handwriting on everyone's name.  Remembering to start with a capital letter followed by lowercase letters is the expectation on all papers.
Our social studies focus was learning how we are alike and different.  We shared about people in our family, our homes, the color of our eyes, color and texture of hair.  We then discussed no matter the differences we try our best to accept others.  If you have not sent in a family photo please send that in as soon as possible.
Thank you to all who have provided snacks.  We have 19 students on roll at this time.
This week Caroline, Oliver, Westley, and Gabriel had their names pulled out of the purple present!
On Wednesday Septemeber 14 we will release from school 2 hours early.  Please make sure transportation is secured.
On Thursday September 15 the PTA will have a meeting at 6:30 followed by curriculum night in the classrooms at 7:00.
I will begin giving prereading assessments next week.  Once all testing is done I will share the results and offer feedback on a midquarter academic progress report.