September 12 - September 16

Posted by Tiffany Larson on 9/16/2016

We had another busy and fun filled week.   We have earned 14 eggs total so far this year. This is a major accomplishment in such a short period of time.  Soon we will have our first GOLDEN EGG!!  A golden egg is given to a nest to replace 25 regular eggs.  In the future as we earn more golden eggs (and I know we will) the children will brainstorm and vote on other rewards they would like to have.  
During math this week we worked on graphing.  We used appropriate vocabulary when reading a graph.  The "math words"  we used were, more, less, and equal.  We made graphs about shapes, boys and girls, lunchboxes and buyers, car and bus riders, favorite fast food restaurants, and favorite book in a series.  We continued to work on ordering 0 -10.  It appears the 6- 10 needs more work than 0 - 5 did.  A big focus that could be worked on at home would be the number writing.  Many kids struggle with the curves and often reverse the numbers when writing.  As far as numbers go,the class worked on their student number during one of the math stations.  I do not expect them to memorize the number but it is a good way to proactice recognizing and writing a varitety of numbers.  You can practice entering your student number on a calculator or on a computer keyboard at home.
Our Social Studies this week continues to be a focus on developing a school community and following rules.  We read 3 books in the Kissing Hand series this week.  We discussed what a title is, the author of a book, and the illustrator.  I hope your child showed you the I love you sign and kissing hand they made.  This is to help you not miss them too much while they are at school.  We also talked about nocturnal animals.  
Our morning message words of focus this week were: we, will, go, and to.  You can make flash cards with these to practice and reinforce this skill.  You can have your child practice writing them and using them in a complete spoken sentence.  We are also working on pointing and reading words in a sentence.  Using short simple sentences the children are able to point as they speak, build the sentence, and count the number of words in the sentence.
I began the Beginning Of Year (BOY) testing this week and will continue into next week.  The test they are given ask them to isolate and produce the beginning sound of a given word.  The next test asks them to identify letters of the alphabet (capital and lowercase) out of order.  The next test is identifying parts of a book and parts of the text in a book.  The next test is a test of reading behaviors using a predictable, patterned book.   If you would like you know your child's results please let me know next week.  As I finish with their testing I will be glad to let you know what areas need attention.  All children will be continuously monitored to show growth over time or to encourage them to go farther with their abilities.
We pulled more names from the purple present including Aiden, Khloe, Porter, Luke and Daniel.
 I will be setting dates for the class events this year along with field trips.   I will then inform everyone in plenty of time for you to make arrangements to attend or send in needed items.
Thank you everyone for returning the pink slip for Early Release.  That can be a confusing time with lots of changes.  Returning the slip with your afternoon transportation choice is a BIG help.  We will send one of those slips on each of the early release days.
Also, thank you to everyone who was able to come to curriculum night.  I hope the kids had fun and everyone learned a lot.