September 19 - September 23

Posted by Tiffany Larson on 9/23/2016

Our focus in science this week was all about apples.  The class learned all about the different stages of apple growth.  We had a taste test and created a graph in order to review our math terms more, less, and equal.  Granny Smith had the most votes.  We had a simple apple book that allowed the students to work on reading short texts.  This also gave them the opportunity to review some of the skills that were covered on the BOY testing such as counting how many words were on a page, pointing out capital letters, finding certain lowercase letters on a page, identifying a period, and reading in fluent way rather than choppy.  A new concept we worked on was sorting books as fiction and non fiction.  We classified fiction as a fun story that entertains and may contain silly elements such as talking animals.  A non fiction book is a book that teaches us something or gives us information and often has photographs rather than an illustrator.  We made 2 class books about apples.  
During math we worked on numbers 0 -10.  We identified the numbers out of order.  We put the numbers in the correct order.  All of the students could benefit from more number writing practice.  We then learned how to fill in a 10 frame the correct way to represent a number.  Ten frames will be the basis of many of our math concepts this year so I will spend a lot of time working with the students on this. We also reviewed graphing each day. I introduced the counting jar which will be part of the morning routine starting next week.  Find out which counting jar journal your child chose. 
Thank you to everyone's great response to our take home reading program.  Remember to sign and return the book each day.  Please encourage your child to leave the books and signature sheets in the folder until you sit down to read each night.  I hope this will keep us from losing these materials.  The purpose of this book is for you to read to the child so that they have experience hearing a fluent reader.  During second quarter I will send home the same type of reader and a student reader.  Then the students will read to you each night as well.  Please clean out the papers that your child brings home each day in their Southwest folder.  If need be, notes are attached or written on their work so that you can assist at home. 
The class seems to have good handle on writing their names correctly and are actually beginning to read and write classmates names.  We have also spent time working on rhyming words.  At this point I want the kids to be able to hear and generate a rhyming pair.  This could be easily practiced riding in the car.  We have not started writing the rhyming words yet.  We work with alphabet flash cards daily.  I have the kids identify the letters in capital and lowercase form and give me the sound and a word associated with the letter.  We ALWAYS work on this with the letters out of order.  Some students have even made their own flash cards at the art center.  We play a fun game called SWAT with the letter cards.  Ask your child if they can create the game at home for your family to play.
The names pulled out of the purple present this week were:  Gabriel Gogg, Sophia, Jesse, Kenya-Marie, and Antwon.
I have put some of inital testing on your child's progress report which will come home on Tuesday.  Please read carefully and begin working on areas that need attention.  The most obvious areas that I notice are learning the letters of the alphabet (capital and lowercase) out of order.  You may want to practice this skill with flashcards.  One of the other skills that needs to be addressed with several students is isolating the first sound of a word.  You tell the child a word and they make the first sound of the word.  A common mistake is when the student repeats the whole word.  Model a correct response and have them repeat just the initial sound.
Thanks everyone for a great week.  Have a fun weekend!