September 26 - September 30

Posted by Tiffany Larson on 9/30/2016

Our reading and language arts focus for the week has been continued work with the letters of the alphabet and the sounds associated with each letter. As you work on these skills at home remember to show the letters out of order.  If your child has mastered this they are working on high frequency words.  We also have continued with being able to identify words that rhyme.  An activity we do in class that seems to help is to say 3 words; two of the words will rhyme and one will not.  The child will repeat the rhyming pair and tell which word does not belong.  For students that are accomplished with this goal they have been reading books with simple text that include rhyming words that they must decode by looking at the beginning sound.  Our print concept work this week was finding quotation marks in a book.  We learned how this shows us what the character is actually saying.  Find out about the book "Will You Be My Friend?".  We changed our voice to represent each characters personality.
During Social Studies our focus was on friendship.  We talked about how having a friendly community in our classroom makes it so much easier to work together.  The children created a sentence for the class book.  This sentence said My friend is.. and they had to give a name to complete the sentence.  They then had to draw a picture and tell a quality of a good friend.  The responses I got were thoughtful and deep rather than just obvious surface reasons.  I hope you enjoyed looking at their autograph book and friendship necklace.  We made a few class puzzles that have each friend in our class represented.  We of course tied all of this into SOARing at Southwest.
The math goal continues to be a complete understanding of numbers 0 - 10.  The students are expected to order the numbers, match items with a given number, identify the numbers (out of order),  represent the numbers on a ten frame and correctly write the numbers.  Part of our morning routine now includes THE COUNTING JAR.  Each day the student will write the date in numerical form in a journal and then count the items in the jar and record the quantity in their journal.  To continue our work with the math vocabulary more and less the class practiced comparing numbers.  You can practice this at home or in the car.  I tell or show the student a number card and ask them to tell me a number that is more or less than that number.  We also did an activity with two number cards in hand and the student had to hold up the card that was more or less depending on which question the teacher asked.  Number writing is still a MAJOR need for attention.  Please make sure your child can recognize each number when you write it and if you tell them a number they can write that number correctly.
Please make note of the field trip notice that went home. Each student will need to pack a bag lunch that day as we will be off campus the entire day.  I will have a cooler available to keep food fresh.  Be sure to return the permission form signed and money as soon as you are able.
Be sure and check out the October snack calendar.