October 10 - October 14

Posted by Tiffany Larson on 10/14/2016

Thank you Thomas for being in charge of taking attendance this week.
At the counting jar table this week the students were to count the number of objects in the jar and write the number word.  This students are learning to use the number anchor charts in the room to help them write words they may not know how to spell.  The one to one correspondence of counting the objects continues to be the main focus.  Students who earn a star each day in their counting jar book are invited to the prize box.
We continue to work on attributes of circles, rectangles, squares, and triangles.  The students must also describe a given shape in a complete sentence.  You can practice this at home by giving your child a shape cut out of a piece of paper.  A few examples of appropriate responses would be:  "I have a big blue triangle.",  "I have a small yellow circle.", " I have a rectangle with 2 long sides and 2 short sides."  The new plane shape that was introduced was a hexagon. Ask your child if they know how many sides a hexagon has.  I do not expect kids to draw this shape but they should be able to correctly identify it and tell how many sides and points that it has.  We also introduced a cone and a sphere.  There will be a formal assessment on all of these shapes at the end of the quarter.  During math stations the children took an informal assessment demonstrating an understanding of more, less, and equal numbers.  I also gave the students a number and they had to tell me the number that comes right before and right after.  You may want to practice this at home or in the car when traveling.
During science we discussed the season of fall and in particular fall leaves.  The students continued to learn from nonfiction books.  The focus this week was on text features such as captions, diagrams, bold print, italic print, and labels.  We also looked at parts of a nonfiction books including glossary, table of contents, and index.
This week we worked on clapping or pounding out syllables in a word.  This will take practice at home.  Some children confuse this with trying to make all of the sounds in a word.  They will need that skill later when we begin daily journal writing.  At this point just pick any object you see and count how many syllables are in the word as you say it.  Kids often get tricked by 1 syllable words so be sure to include those in your practice. 
Next week the PTA will have a spirit week.  You are welcome to participate in any of the days included but your child does not have to participate if they are uncomfortable with it.
Monday- Pajama Day *NO SLIPPERS*
Tuesday - Wacky Tacky day
Wednesday - Wear Orange
Thursday - Twin Day * I will be wearing jeans and a white T-shirt if your kid wants to "twin" with me.
Friday - School Spirit Day  *wear your SW or OWL gear*
Our Golden Egg celebration was voted on by the class.  The majority voted to watch a movie on the big board.  We watched a CD that included some short stories we had read in class.