October 17 - October 21

Posted by Tiffany Larson on 10/21/2016

This is the time of year where the "newness"  of kindergarten starts to wear off.  I do not want kids to get discouraged or have a negative attitude towards school and learning.  But for many students this may be their first time coming upon an academic challenge.  We have discussed this concept in class.  We talked about how it is my job to teach them new concepts and that if they already knew everything they would not need to come to school.  We also are learning on how to accept correction.  I have discussed with the students in order for me to be a good teacher I must tell them when they make mistakes and show them how to correct those mistakes.  This in no way means they are in trouble; it just means we must try again to understand the concept.  We talked about staying positive and the power of the word YET.  "I may not know the answer yet but I am working on it." is an appropriate response to a difficult situation.  Crying, pouting, getting angry, or giving up will not help your brain work through the problem and often actually makes it more difficult to solve a problem.  I have been very clear from the beginning with both students and parents that I do have high expectations for everyone but on an individual basis.  We are each different types of learners and can make growth daily with the right attitude.  It is never too soon to prepare your child with the trait of perseverance.  When they can look back and see growth they are so proud and feel an incredible sense of accomplishment.  Thank you for your help with reinforcing this idea at home.  Genuine praise for genuine success is understood even by 5 and 6 year old students as authentic.
Our math concept this week was sorting by a given attribute.  Math stations included sorting M&Ms by color, sorting "weirdo" cards by more than one attribute such as red weirdos with hair, and sorting bags of junk by attributes such as what the junk is made of or what size it is. The kids got to sort buttons by a given attribute and really enjoyed playing with the button collection.  You can practice this at home by having kids sort socks or silverware.  I did more end of quarter testing on counting, number writing, shapes, and positional words.  Results will be shared in 1st quarter report cards.
We had a ton of fun learning about the animals we will see at Lazy5.  We looked at their coverings, names of offspring, how they are born, their diet, and how they move.  We compared animals and listed likeness and differences among the animals.  I recorded students individual responses to this activity to serve as a science assessment.  the students wrote their first journal entry about a dog using their knowledge of animal structure and how to read labels in a nonfiction book.  Next week they will write another journal entry that will compare themselves to an animal.
Our reading and language arts is targeting a complete understanding of letters, their sounds, and being able to generate a word with a given letter.  This too will be tested as an end of quarter assessment.  Results will be shared in 1st quarter report cards.  The class made a book with each student having a page that featured their capital letter and name.  They then had to draw pictures of other words that begin with that letter. We continue to target beginning sounds for certain students.  Other students are working on sounding out unfamiliar words and reading high frequency words.  Other students are beginning to write words and spell them phonetically.  Making the connection from what a child hears, to the sound they make, to what is written on paper is a major accomplishment during the kindergarten year.
 Josh was a great attendance manager this week.