October 24 - October 28

Posted by Tiffany Larson on 10/28/2016

Sophia was the attendance keeper for the week.
During science this week we worked with Halloween objects and decorations to take away some of the scare factor.  We all have a skeleton in our body.  We built the human skeleton and arranged the bones to show different types of movement.  We also compared the human skeleton to animal skeletons.  We carved a pumpkin and read a nonfiction book to discuss the life cycle of the pumpkin.  We saved some of the pumpkin seeds for planing in the spring.  We made some notes about our pumpkin so that we can observe how it decays over time.   The students took 2 animal comparison assessments that will be reflected on their report card.
Our math lessons included a review of numbers 0 - 10, review of shapes and their attributes, reading color words, and ordering numbers from least to greatest.  At math stations the students played a missing number game, number SWAT, reviewed calendar skills, played number Jenga, and had a 10 frame math assessment.
 The focus of language arts has been connecting letters and sounds.  The children are told to listen for various letter sounds and then must pinpoint if the sound is at the beginning, middle or end of a given word.  We continue to work on sounding out words to match word cards to picture cards.  All of the students wrote about themselves this week in their new writing journal.  Each person wrote a complete sentence starting with a capital letter, leaving spaces, spelling high frequency words correctly, and ending with appropriate punctuation.   Our high frequency words of focus this week were is, it, and in.
We are looking forward to the class party next Monday at 12:30. The principal is allowing students to wear a costume to school but no mask or accessories are allowed that will inhibit learning. All parents are invited to the party; please feel free to come and offer a helping hand.
I am not setting up a snack calendar in November because we have so many leftovers.  We will start up again in December.  Thank you everyone for being so generous with providing snack.