November 7 - November 10

Posted by Tiffany Larson on 11/10/2016

This week's calendar helper was Khloe.  She did a great job as a junior teacher!  
Our attendance keeper was Westley.
Report cards will go home next Tuesday.
We have new literacy boxes for the students to work with during second quarter.  Most of them involove sounding out simple consonant, vowel, consonant words such as fox, pig, cat, etc.  Please practice segmenting words at home and sriting down the sounds that you hear.  This will help with future journal writing, as well as, sounding out unknown words in text.
Our new concept in math for second quarter will be mastering numbers 11 - 20.  This range of numbers can sometimes be very difficult for students to remember and will probably need lots of practice at home.  One of the things that make these numbers confusing are the names of the numbers.  Some are called teens and some are not.  Students who can count to 100 by 10s often confuse the words of the teen numbers with the 10s such as 14 and 40, 15 and 50 and so on.  Listen carefully when your child is counting the teens or by 10s to make sure the correct number is being pronounced and that they realize these are two different sets of numbers.  I try to draw attention to the pattern of the teen numbers when writing these numbers so that it is meaningful to the student.  I start with 10 and then have them notice the next number is a 1 and 1  and then a 1 and a 2 and then a 1 and a 3 and so on.  We are representing the numbers on ten frames so that the students will see that all of these numbers begin with a base 10 with leftovers.  
Next week, some of the students will begin having small easy reader take home readers.  These small books are an excellent way for your child to practice lessons we have worked on in class.  They should be pointing to words, sounding out unknown words, looking for clues in the pictures, looking for chunks or little words inside of bigger words, and reading smoothly.  Choppy reading often means the child is just word calling and may have difficulty comprehending the story. I have told the class to read the book many times and to as many different people as they can to become and sound like a more fluent reader.  They can even read it to a stuffed animal or to themselves in the mirror.  Let and encourage your child to try all of the strategies listed above before you just tell them an unknown word.   Please return your blue take home reader folder each day so that your child may have a new reader each night.  As we know, the best way to become a better reader is to practice.  
During social studies this week we began learning about maps.  This concept will be visited many more times throughout the quarter.  We learned that maps have titles, keys, labels, and a compass rose.  Find out if your child can correctly place the cardinal directions on a compass rose.  We looked at globes and flat maps.  We leaned about land and water on a map of the world.  Find out if your child remembers which continent they live on.