New Year, New Chances

Posted by John Connett on 8/31/2015

So I have not been very good with keeping up with a blog, but this is a new year, and I'm going to try it one more time!

Last week, we participated in the Week of Inspirational Math created by Dr Jo Boaler from Stanford University.  Students were encouraged to persevere, think deeply about Math, and realize that mistakes are a necessary part of success.

This week, we started with some basic expectations.  Students were given (and asked to write down) expectations for:

  • Arrival to Class
  • Behavior During Class Activities
  • Movement
  • Voice Level
  • Dismissal

Students were also given all the answers they need to "Do I have to write this down?"

I showed students and gave them the join code for their class.  This will allow me to send out reminders when necessary.

We then discussed the use of technology in the classroom, and took a quick quiz on Kahoot.


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