Hump Day

Posted by Jeffrey Griffin on 10/13/2013 7:00:00 AM

Some things are plain out funny.  A lot of things... are not.  Among the former and the latter lie commercial after commercial.  Television commercials.  Radio advertisements dwell in another realm and, truthfully, cannot compete with the legendary spots that have graced the small screen for decades.
I've always loved Coca-Cola commercials.  I like McDonald's commercials.  Who doesn't enjoy the latest production from the clydesdales in St. Louis? 
Occasionally I'll shed a tear over a particularly sentimental moment committed to video, but those moments are uncommon.  Rarer still are the spots that make me laugh out loud.  I'm not talking about chuckling or giggling or snickering.  I mean full-on-my-sides-are-hurting-I-think-I-have-to-pee-pee-belly-shakin'-tear-rakin'-good-ol'-fashion-hollerin' funny.  Know what I mean?
This leads us to the Holy Grail of network advertising... the spot that becomes a part of our daily conversation.  Remember "where's the beef?"  Or "whasssuuup?"  And the latest nominee for the commercial hall of fame, "what day is it?" 
Hump day is a part of our cutural identity.  I take great delight in responding to everyone who utters the question.  My children giggle and beg to "do again, do again."  The boys in my room at school are feverishly trying to discover their inner Barry White so they too can shout out to all who will listen - "hump day!  Oh yeah..." 
A side note, the Barry White thing isn't working out so well just yet as most of their attempts sound more like Betty White.  Anyway.
Mr. Underwood, my friend and cohort next door, actually sends unsuspecting kids to my room every Wednesday with one simple question, "Mr. Griffin?  Mr. Underwood wanted me to ask you, what day is it?"
Hilarity quickly enuses.  Maybe not hilarity but most definitely a moment of personal glee.  The things teachers do...
It should always be so easy to bring a little joy into the world.  Who said the small stuff doesn't matter?  Not me.  And especially not on Hump Day.