8:20 Monday Morning

Posted by Jeffrey Griffin on 8/24/2014 5:00:00 AM

School begins Monday, and that is a good thing. Exciting, in fact. I will sleep little, if any, Sunday night. Darkness will come and the midnight hour will seem set in stone.
I am anxious. Not for unfamiliar students or unanticipated responsibilities or even a principal born three years after me! But for Sophia.
Our Sophia. My Sophia. She is her father's daughter. Yes, she has her mama's personality but I am the one to whom she clings when storm clouds appear on the horizon. She falls asleep in my lap. I read the bedtime stories. I make the bubbles magically appear during bath time. We sing the silliest of songs. We dance in the kitchen. She questions her mother at every opportunity, reasonable or otherwise. She does whatever I ask without so much as a pause. We talk. We laugh. We nap. We share secrets. I teach and she learns. She teaches and I learn.
My child. Tomorrow, I won't be needed quite as much.  Perhaps I'm wrong but only time will tell and I'm far too impatient to contemplate how wisdom and perspective might alter my point of view.
Kindergarten begins Monday at 8:20. My feet will be in room 345 waiting for nine children I already know.  My heart and my head will be altogether somewhere else. Waiting, hoping, for a phone call from my wife wondering how "it" went. "It" will, of course, go fine. My wife is strong. Russian-woman-from-a-Dostoyevsky-novel-strong. I am not worried about Vikki Griffin. Miles, the younger brother in this family saga, will miss his sister but, as are most three-year old superheroes, he is made of flubber and will bounce back no worse for the wear. Sophia is thrilled. She is excited. Tonight is Christmas Eve in August for my favorite princess in pink.
Then we have, me. I am not ready. I am not prepared. I miss her already. I love Sophia. 
Sophia Elizabeth, I am proud of you. I believe in you. I love you. School is a wondrous adventure and oh, the places we'll go! Remember, it cost nothing to be kind. You are my happy thought. Always.