The Abacus

Posted by Jeffrey Griffin on 8/31/2014 5:00:00 AM

We survived the first five days. Yay team. Bravo. Time to invoke the over-used "only 175 more to go" mentality. I detest that phrase.
School, like any truly noble endeavor, is not meant to be simply endured. Or survived.
Celebrate. Embrace. Jump in the deep end and flail about. Get wet. Put your head under the water and taste the salt. One cannot learn to swim swim by tip-toeing in the shallow end of a kiddie pool any more than you can learn to fly by reading a book at the central library.
You must do. You must live. You must experience.
School is no different. Reading helps. Writing helps. An abacus may help. Maybe.
To truly learn you have to taste and touch and feel. Mix the red play-dough and the blue play-dough and see what happens. Toss a crumbled Alka-Seltzer in a small Coca-Cola bottle and watch for bubbles. Steal a sheet from the hall closet and wear a toga to class as you act out the death scene from JULIUS CAESAR.
School, my friends, is doing. School, good folks, is living. Not math nor science nor English nor history nor any topic so anointed by the powers that be can ever be fully grasped though worksheets and lectures, accentuated with the occasional Power Point. It must grow. It must blossom.
So... we didn't survive the first five days. We thrived the first five days.
The reading was good. The writing was less good. The abacus... that was living.