Shine No More

Posted by Jeffrey Griffin on 9/7/2014 6:00:00 AM

I observed a lot of people this week. In my classroom. In the hallways. Walking past my car. During ballgames. Working. Playing. Laughing. Crying. Even loving?  Yes. The whole loving thing was a little much, at least for a forty-four year old married man with two young children. Get a room.
I digress. To my observations... 
Generally speaking, I did not like what I saw. A lot of self-centered behavior. Ridicule. Or, at least, the belittlement of others. Poor choices. Mutual disrespect. An absence of decency and common courtesy. It was, in a most enormous way, disappointing.
I expected more. I expect more. I cannot sway the tides. I cannot change the attitudes of the mass of humanity I regularly encounter both intimately and from afar. It is indeed as I have often read, "as for me and my house..."
Miles Griffin, I expect you to always be the man I love and admire.
Sophia, I expect you to always be the lady I love and cherish.
As for pretty much everybody else, some of the gold with which you have so often shined rubbed off a little bit this these last few days. You can do better.
You can be better.