Posted by Jeffrey Griffin on 9/28/2014 6:00:00 AM

Well. I arrange monthly community service projects for my school kids. It is not a course requirement. The project is completely voluntary and I am not allowed to give academic credit for participation.
I wish. I wish I could. I wish participation was mandatory. I wish these children, my children, had no option but to climb out of the bed and show up to work for people they won't see, in a place they don't know, for a cause they cannot understand. I wish I could say "your grade for the day is..." while all I can say is "thank you."
This is simply more evidence that the people ultimately in charge of education in North Carolina have failed to grasp what is essential to a life well-lived.
To realize the world is comprised of others is a pretty tall order. To fully immerse yourself in the trials and tribulations of another human being demands humility and the willingness to say "I'm not number one."
What a world if every leader believed "you matter more than me." Former Wake Forest football coach Jim Grobe said "all my assistants are smarter than I am. Why would I hire someone who knows less than I do?" A great thought from a good man.
The folks who surrendered two hours Saturday morning have a much better idea now as to how to get along in the world and how to lend a helping hand when it is needed. Thank you.
Everybody else? Opportunity lost.