2 + 2 = Orange

Posted by Jeffrey Griffin on 10/19/2014 5:00:00 AM

By all accounts, I was a low-maintenance child. Go ahead, ask my mama. I amused myself for hours in the gym or sitting at her desk or playing in Uncle Larry's room. Lots of invisible friends and an imagination that would not stop.
I recreated scenes from movies and plays, performing each role as if I were before an audience of kings and queens. I imagined a thousand ball games with each dribble and every touchdown. Good times. Great times.
Of course, as children can and will, I pondered many things...
How do cows from the mountains walk normally when they are in the barn at the fair? (Because everybody knows mountain cows have two long legs and two short legs.)
Why does God live at the funeral home? (Because Aunt Sally went to live with God and we went to see her at the funeral home. Therefore, God must live at the funeral home.)
And, when they made up words, if somebody had decided that "orange" was a better number than "four," then today, 2+2 might not equal "four" but, instead, "orange."
Just sayin'. My mother never dealt with the orange question. I should ask again.
I thought about a lot of things. I still think about a lot of things. 
My children ask an incredible amount of questions. There are moments when I feel like Sophia and Miles are more closely related to Albert Einstein than their mother or their father. Sometimes, my patience grows thin.
They ponder many things, those two. And I try to remember the enormous patience found in my mother and my Uncle Larry and the many souls that crossed my path.
By all accounts, they are low-maintenance children. Go ahead, ask their mama.
I'm preparing for the orange question. Good times. Great times.