Procedures for Parking Violations

The following steps will be taken if a student parks in an unauthorized parking spot or area.

Examples of unauthorized parking:

•Student has school sticker but does not attend Career Center and is parked in the Career Center lot.
•Student does not have a student parking sticker.
•Student has parking sticker but is parked in area not designated as a parking spot (grass areas, dirt areas, lined areas in parking lots, etc.)
•Student has parked in Visitors parking space.

1st Violation – A sticker will be placed on the vehicle notifying the student  is in violation.  A record will be kept of the incident.

2nd Violation – A written warning (D1) will be place in student’s record.

3nd Violation – A wheel locking device will be placed on the vehicle and will not be removed until the student signs a discipline form informing them that they are being written up for insubordination.  In-School Suspension (ISS) may be given to the student.

4rd and further Violations – The vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense.  The cost to retrieve the vehicle will be between $150.00 – $200.00.

Example of Towing Costs

Dean’s Towing

•$175.00 and up
•Cash Only (No Credit Cards or Checks)

Steve Venable Towing

•$150.00 – $195.00
•$65.00 cancellation fee if owner arrives before car is towed
•No items in vehicle will be released until payment has been made (radios, cell phones, etc.)