Cook Literacy Model School Included in Possible Plans for a New Brunson Elementary

August 27, 2020 - Did you know, a new Brunson Elementary could include a new Cook Literacy Model School?

WS/FCS Facility Planning and Construction hosted three community meetings to discuss the options for a new Brunson Elementary School.  Money for a new school was included as part of the 2016 Bond Referendum and the potential plans include a merger of Brunson and Cook with a new school built on the current Cook site.  While the WS/FCS Board of Education has not chosen a final plan, we want Cook parents to take part in the decision making!

Project architects, engineers, district planners, the construction team, and school leaders participated in live community presentations and a live Question/Answer sessions via WS/FCS Cable 2 August 26, and 27.

To watch the live community meetings held on August 26 and 27, please use this link to see the video files. Click the video player by the date and time of the meeting you'd like to watch.

To view the presentation which outlines the options, please use this link

We want to hear from our community stakeholders, parents, faculty and staff about these plans. To participate in a survey about the potential options for a new school please use this link.  The survey will remain open until September 4, 2020.