Spring Newsletter

Spring into Good Speech

Here is an idea to practice articulation at home.  It can be fun for the entire family.


Make a fun box using common household items and your child’s toys.  Cut a slot on the top of a good-sized box.  Make sure that your child’s hand and the object can fit through the hole.  Let your child decorate the box the way he/she wants it to look.  Make sure you know what sounds your child is currently working on by asking your child’s speech therapist.


Pick about 10 objects, words or cards with your child’s target sounds on them and without your child seeing,  hide them in the box.  Let your child choose an object from the box and let them name it and use the word in a phrase or sentence.  Continue until your child sees all of the objects in the box.


Ideas for the most commonly misarticulated sounds are as follows:

/s/ Initial: Cereal, celery, seashell, sock, soap.

/s/ Medial: Bicycle, dinosaur, pencil, baseball

/s/ Final: Bus, dress, box, horse, purse, necklace


/sh/ Initial: Shoe. Shampoo, shirt, shovel

/sh/ Medial : Tissue, marshmallow, dishes

/sh/ Final: Fish, brush. Starfish


/r/ Initial: Rope, rabbit, rock, raisins

/r/ Medial: Carrots, horse, purse, shorts

/r/ Final: Bear, car, pear, flower, paper


/l/ Initial:  Leaf, lotion, lipstick, lemon

/l/ Medial: Balloon, collar, dollar, pillow

/l/ Final: Bell, doll, bowl, mail, nail


/k/ Initial: Can, key, Car, Kite

/k/ Medial: Pumpkin, bicycle, monkey

/k/ Final: Sock, rock, truck, book, cake, snake


If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Bowser (Speech Therapist) at 661-4940