Winning 24/7--April 13-17, 2015

Posted by Shelia Burnette on 4/13/2015 5:00:00 PM

 WINNING 24/7!!!!

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April Dates:
April 13-17    ITBS Testing for K-2 
April 13        New Cardinals on the Block Meeting in Mrs. Snyder's Room 
April 14        Report Cards Sent Home
April 14       All-Star Faculty Meeting in Media Center--7am
April 14       STAR3 Team Meeting 
April 15       Early Release Day at 12:50pm
April 16       Elementary Principals' Meeting
April 17       Academic Awards Assemblies
                            2nd & 3rd  8:40-9:40am
                            K & 1st     9:50-10:50am
                            4th & 5th   11:00-12:00pm 
April 20-24   Wells Fargo Financial Literacy Sessions
                   20th--K; 21st--1st grade; 22nd--2nd grade;
                   23rd--3rd grade; 24th--4th and 5th grade
April 20       Third Grade Field Trip to Discovery Place
April 21       School Improvement Team Meeting in Media Center--7am 
April 21       Single Gender Information Night/Performance--5:30pm
April 22       Earth Day
April 23       Single Gender Breakfast Club
April 24       Principals' Lunch Club (April)--11am
April 27       Magnet Team Meeting in Science Lab--3:15pm
April 28       All-Star Faculty Meeting in Media Center--7am 
April 28       4th Grade Send Reading Progress Report
April 29       PBIS Team Meeting in Computer Lab--3:15pm
April 30       Mentor Logs Due
April 30       Instructional Coordination Meeting at 3:30pm 
Upcoming Dates:
*For more dates, please see the Cardinal Calendar.
*Congrats to Mr. Lanier and Mrs. Smith for helping to jumpstart the Earth Day Celebration.  More details below.
*Thanks to the staff members who helped with the Tutoring Progress Monitoring for 4th-5th grade (Ms. Gravely, Ms. Sayles, Ms. V. Blanco, Mrs. Jacobs, Mrs. Snyder, Ms. Drake, Mr. Airo and Mrs. Bongweni).  If I missed someone, please let me now.  Thanks for all of the dedication! 
*Early Release Day on Wednesday starting at 1:20pm.  All K-5, ESL and Reading teachers (and anyone else who attended the fall training for Thinking Mas) will meet in the Media Center.  All Specials Teachers, Teacher Assistants, and anyone else who hasn't been trained on Thinking Maps with us will Meet in the Science Room.  The focus will be on Thinking Maps.  Remember, all teachers were asked to use a Thinking Map with a frame of reference with your students and to bring that back to the next Early Release to share.  So, we'll need you to bring those on Wednesday to your session.  Thanks all! 
While we will continue the implementation of Marzano's high yield strategies to help us reach our goals, I wanted to share something that resonated with me from my reading over break.  This excerpt comes from Eric Jensen (Teaching With Poverty in Mind" and as I type it, I will replace the words "you" and "your" with "we" and "our" because this is relevant to every one of us that educates children.  Please read and see what you can take away from his insight.  This reminds us why what we do is so important for our students!  I am thankful that we are focused on doing this work together!
Let's assume we're implementing the SHARE (Support the whole child, Hard Data, Accountability, Relationship Building, Enrichment Mind-Set) factors in this chapter.  Will implementation guarantee success?  Passion comes from feeling responsible and accountable for results, which means it's the rigor, intensity, and duration of the enriching education we provide that matters. Let's do the math. Here's what our staff is up against:
1. Every student in our school gets 168 hours each week (7 days x 24 hours).
2. Subtract the time kids spend on sleeping, eating, grooming, dealing with medical and transportation issues, looking after siblings, moving, and dealing with family emergencies and a host of other disruptions (12-13 hours per day x 7 days-84-91 hours).
3.  That leaves each child with a maximum of 84 hours each week, or 4,368 hours each year. Out of that block, we get, about 30 school hours each week (6 hours x 5 days) for 36 to 42 weeks per year.  At the high end, we get 1,260 hours each year (30 hours per week x 42 weeks) for changing student lives.
4.  Here's the key ratio:  1,260 hours out of a possible 4,368. We have 28 percent of a student's waking time.  We are outnumbered by more than two to one.
The significance of that number--28 percent--is profound.  With the small proportion of their lives that we do have access to, we cannot afford to waste a single class or school day. We cannot afford to put a student down or treat him unfairly. We cannot afford to bore a student or fail to engage her in class. We cannot suspend a student for anything frivolous; in fact, the more days students spend out of school, the less chance we have of success. School needs to be a nonstop bobsled run full of activity, challenge, correction, support, and enrichment.  We need to challenge students to their best every hour of every day they are in our charge.  Unless our school is doing this month after month, year after year, we have no chance (to meet students' needs).  To get the best from our students, we must expect and demand the best from ourselves. (page 82)
New School Update: Monday night County Commissioners' Meeting at 6pm at the Government Building. Please come join us and show your support.  
Testing: This week, K-2 is taking the ITBS in the morning 9-10:30am and between 12:30 and 2:00pm. Please make sure that we do not use the playground as it will distract the groups testing in that area.  Groups should use the blacktop (possibly for shorter outside time to prevent overcrowding) to reduce the noise level
Earth Day activities: will take place on April 22. We will have 10 stations that include:  planting an herb garden, planting a butterfly garden, gardening vegetables, planing in the international garden, composting, recycling and campus clean.  Each grade level will attend during your specials on April 22nd. You will receive an assigned area for your students to attend (so your class will be split into small groups in order to allow each class to have students that experience different things to come back and share). Stay tuned for more details. However, PLEASE donate or loan any gardening and planting tools, any seeds, any plants or funds towards purchasing plants for the community to use.  Donations will also help us purchase soil, seeds for students to take home plants, etc.  We also look forward to everyone making this a success and teaching our students the value of the Earth. 
For the Month of April, we are excited to have everyone focus their energies on Celebrating Success. Whether it's a celebration of assessment data, progress monitoring, growth on a skill, improvement in a standard, or your pride in your class or colleagues, this is a month of celebration. Celebrate someone or something in your class/school everyday (or every class even). Make sure everyday before you leave work, you write down a celebration or positive for a student, group, your class, or you and your class. With so much success, growth, achievement and improvement have to be an "indirect result."  We look forward to seeing great intervention work this semester.
This month, please focus on collaboration with key stakeholders.
Collaborate with the students--Goal set with them, give them explicit feedback and challenge them!
Collaborate with the parents--Keep them informed (celebrations and corrections), send homework with expectations, and let them know what their child needs. 
Collaborate with colleagues--Share ideas, reach out across grade levels for vertical alignment, doing learning walks, and check on former or upcoming students. 
Collaborating as a team, we can Win 24/7. Anything less, is uncivilized.
Thanks for all that you all do!!!!