Winning 24/7--April 27-May 1, 2015

Posted by Shelia Burnette on 4/27/2015 7:00:00 AM

  WINNING 24/7!!!!

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April Dates:
April 27       Magnet Team Meeting in Science Lab--3:15pm
April 28       All-Star Faculty Meeting in Media Center--7am 
April 28       4th Grade Send Reading Progress Report
April 29       PBIS Team Meeting in Computer Lab--3:15pm
April 30       Mentor Logs Due
April 30       Instructional Coordination Meeting at 3:30pm 
Upcoming Dates:
*For more dates, please see the Cardinal Calendar.
*Congratulations to Mrs. Smith, Mr, Lanier, Mr. Mitchell, the Specials and the ESL team who presented for  hosting a fabulous Earth Day experience for students. We also appreciate our volunteers who helped to make it a success and our teachers/TAs who supported the plan for the day!
*Thanks to Nurse Lott for all that she does in monitoring our students' health status and advising us on a daily basis.
*Thanks to our Administrative Assistant Team: Mrs. Minor, Ms. Parker and Mrs. Blanco, for all hat they do on a daily basis to assist students, parents, teachers, administration and the community.  We appreciate you!!!
*Thanks to Mrs. Cassietta, our SMO supervisor, for always going the extra mile to look out for our school, even on weekends. 
*Thanks to Ms. Parker, Mrs. Minor, Mrs. Blanco, Mrs.Cassidy and Mr. Brantley who maintained the Parent Involvement Coordinator responsibilities over the past few months.  We appreciate their teamwork and pitching in with administration. Tesha Green, our new Parent Involvement Coordinator, begins with us today. Welcome to Mrs. Green and we look forward to helping her get to know our staff/team and students.
As a school, we share the following vision from our School Improvement Plan: 


It is our vision that being educated at Konnoak means our students grow more than a year’s worth annually, that:


By 2020, 90% of third graders will be proficient.

By 2017, 100% of students will demonstrate academic growth.

By 2017, 100% of teachers will receive professional support to reach/exceed proficient on teacher evaluation standards.

By 2017, we will reduce the number of office discipline referrals by 50%.


in order to ensure that our students leave Konnoak with their career and college readiness skills.

What will you do this quarter in order to help us reach these goals this week, in the near future, or by the end of the year. 
What are you strategies that you will use to "do your part for your students?" 
What will your team do to help reach the schoolwide goals and to reach our vision sooner than later?

New School Update: County Commissioners are continuing their conversations about the debt limit and the level of support for rebuilding Konnoak and Lowrance ahead of the 2016 bond issue.   Feel free to write, call or email our commissioners to help them know of the needs of Konnoak in the hopes that our project won't get pushed back 2-3 years. We know that we have district support and several commissioners realize the urgency we face daily.   
STAR3 Lesson Plans: Please see the email regarding the STAR3 Lesson plans for all certified teachers.  These are due by April 28 at 3:30pm.
EVAAS Re-rostering:  All K-5 teachers, as well as others who teach math, reading or science to the students, will be receiving emails about the EVAAS Verification process. Remember, this is the process where I review, edit and create rosters/student lists in the EVAAS database.  Then I will verify that those lists are in and accurate.  The system will prompt you to review and make edits as well.  At that point, you will need to enter in the percentage of time you teach the students the subjects of reading, math and/or science (based on if others have moved on) and to verify the percentage of time the child has been enrolled with you and accessed your teaching (based on transfer dates, teacher's medical leaves,etc.).  Please look out for these emails from EVAAS with pending timelines. Your window should be April 27-May 24th.  
PBIS field trips will be April 29 and 30. Please look out for emails from Ms. Tabor and please make sure forms are submitted each morning.  Teams should identify who will remain on campus with the group and who will attend the trip based on the number of students remaining on campus.  Safety is a priority, so please plan accordingly.  Ms. Tabor will provide us your list of which teachers are doing what so we can approve it before Wednesday.  We are also trying to determine if the lunch schedule should be adjusted if the bulk of grade levels are on the trip to allow the cafeteria staff to adjust hours to serve lunch to our two late returning groups, so we need your verified numbers to Ms. Tabor today. 
For the Month of April, we are excited to have everyone focus their energies on Celebrating Success. Whether it's a celebration of assessment data, progress monitoring, growth on a skill, improvement in a standard, or your pride in your class or colleagues, this is a month of celebration. Celebrate someone or something in your class/school everyday (or every class even). Make sure everyday before you leave work, you write down a celebration or positive for a student, group, your class, or you and your class. With so much success, growth, achievement and improvement have to be an "indirect result."  We look forward to seeing great intervention work this semester.
This month, please focus on collaboration with key stakeholders.
Collaborate with the students--Goal set with them, give them explicit feedback and challenge them!
Collaborate with the parents--Keep them informed (celebrations and corrections), send homework with expectations, and let them know what their child needs. 
Collaborate with colleagues--Share ideas, reach out across grade levels for vertical alignment, doing learning walks, and check on former or upcoming students. 
Collaborating as a team, we can Win 24/7. Anything less, is uncivilized.
Thanks for all that you all do!!!!