Winning 24/7--May 11-15, 2015

Posted by Shelia Burnette on 5/11/2015 8:00:00 AM

  WINNING 24/7!!!!

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April Dates:
May 4-22      End-of-year DIBELS/TRC Assessment (K-3) 
May 12          Mid-Term Report Sent Home
May 12          All-Star Faculty Meeting in Media Center--7am
May 14          Elementary Principals' Meeting
May 14          D-Unity Performance Night
May 22         5th Grade EOG Science Test
May 22         EOG Pep Rally--1:30pm
May 25         Memorial Day Holiday--No School
May 26-29    EOG Testing 
Upcoming Dates:
*For more dates, please see the Cardinal Calendar.
**End of Grade Testing is May 22-29, with makeups and other tests occurring through June 4.
*Congratulations to the following teachers for completing Module 4:  S. Dennis, M. Ervin, N. Reich, L. Novak, and L. Kluttz! Great job, Team!
*Congratulations to Mr. Gordon and the D-Unity Dancers for spectacular performance at Konnoak Moravians' Music Festival. We are so proud of their demonstration of skill and school pride.
*Special Thanks to the Konnoak PTA, PDQ Restaurant, and the students and parents of Konnoak for celebrating our staff last week for Teacher Appreciation. Our Staff is special and deserved every celebration (and more)!
*Thanks to the Administrative Team for their support, organization and coverage of picture day and other school events in the past few weeks. We appreciate your flexibility!
As a school, we share the following vision from our School Improvement Plan: 
It is our vision that being educated at Konnoak means our students grow more than a year's worth annually and that:
By 2020, 90% of third graders will be proficient.
By 2017, 100% of students will demonstrate academic growth.
By 2017, 100% of teachers will receive professional support to reach/exceed proficient on teacher evaluation standards.
By 2017, we will reduce the number of office discipline referrals by 50%.
in order to ensure that our students leave Konnoak with their career and college readiness skills.
Which students have reached these goals and which ones need intervention/support?
What do you/we have in place to ensure that every student grows academically in reading and math?
What will you do in the next 24 days to maximize growth and proficiency?
Are you in it to win it?  
This is our last chance to make a difference with our current students for this year.
Let's maximize every day, every minute, every opportunity!!!! 

New School Update: County Commissioners voted to raise the debt ceiling and to eliminate the ????  We are still awaiting the decision on funding the Konnoak/Lowrance project. However, it is now time to start the architectural planning as we enter the summer/fall. We will send you a survey to find out your suggestions, recommendations and needs for the new facility.  Just keep in mind, this will be an accumulated needs/wants list that will start the conversation about the design of the new facility.  Your input is important as we formulate how this facility can help us motivate our students in a safe, inviting environment that meets our instructional needs.    
EVAAS Re-rostering:  Thanks to the teachers who attended the EVAAS verification session and those who have verified their list All K-5 teachers are reminded to verify your list this week and then to click Submit All Rosters so they come to Mrs. Burnette.  Also, please remember that the column on the left is only adjusted from 100% IF the teacher had a medical/maternal leave that needs to be factored in by number of days absent OR if the student moved into Konnoak or out of Konnoak within the school year. The column on the right is to represent that percent of time you, EC or ESL are responsible for teaching that subject area.  Remember, this is the process where I review, edit and create rosters/student lists in the EVAAS database.  Then I will verify that those lists are in and accurate.  If you need help, please check with a colleague that attended one of the three sessions or email me with any questions that you have.  Your window should be April 27-May 24th, but you will want to complete it early so there is time to make edits where necessary.  
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For the Month of May, we should remember that every child is counting on us. This year, we are the ones who make a difference in their academic, emotional and social growth by the opportunities that we provide to engage them in learning. They are waiting to EXCEL and the most important two people in that plan are you and the student.  Here is a clip that we'd like you to watch this week:  
This month, please focus on collaboration with key stakeholders.
Collaborate with the students--Goal set with them, give them explicit feedback and challenge them!
Collaborate with the parents--Keep them informed (celebrations and corrections), send homework with expectations, and let them know what their child needs. 
Collaborate with colleagues--Share ideas, reach out across grade levels for vertical alignment, doing learning walks, and check on former or upcoming students. 
Collaborating as a team, we can Win 24/7. Anything less, is uncivilized.
Thanks for all that you all do!!!!