Winning 24/7--June 8-12, 2015

Posted by Shelia Burnette on 6/7/2015 8:15:00 PM

                                                                                           WINNING 24/7!!!!


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April Dates:
June 8          2nd/3rd Grade Field Day
June 9          K/1st Grade Field Day
June 9         School Improvement Team Meeting-7am
June 9         PTA Culminating Meeting at Pizza Hut---5pm 
June 10        3rd Grade Read-to-Achieve Retest
June 11        Kindergarten Promotion Ceremony--9am
June 11        5th Grade Promotion Ceremony--6pm
June 12     Last Day of School/End of 4th Quarter
June 12        Report Cards Sent Home with Students 
June 12        End-of-Year Assembl--1st-2nd @ 9am;/ 3rd-5th@10:30am
June 15        Teacher Workday--Required--Protected
June 16        Teacher Workday--Required
                          School Improvement Team Meeting--8-11:30am
                          End-of-Year Luncheon
June 16-17   Class Placement Meetings in the PM 
June 17        Teacher Workday--Required--Tentative Math PD
June 18-22  Teacher Workdays 
Upcoming Dates:
*For more dates, please see the Cardinal Calendar.
*Special Thanks to Sam's Club on Stratford for their Sams Club Team and our Konnoak Cardinals Team of players and cheerleaders for a great game on Tuesday, June 2. It was a great game with a positive turnout and lots of fun.  Thanks to the PTA for providing the hotdog dinner.  We also want to say a Special Thank You to Sam's Club for contributing $1,000 to support Konnoak Elementary School's students and staff.  We appreciate our community partners!!!!
*Thank you to Konnoak Hills Moravian for their generous donation to Konnoak and Philo-Hill after their recent festival.  We appreciate your ongoing support of our school community and your dedication to making Konnoak better day-by-day.
*Congratulations to the DIBELS SWEEP Team (Guerin, Prout, Poplin, Reilly, Blanco, Sayles, Gravely, Kluttz, Dennis, Mitchell, Jacobs, Drake and Kincaid) and classroom teachers for reaching 99% completion of the DIBELS and TRC Assessment for K-3.  Thanks, team, for a job well done!! 
As a school, we share the following vision from our School Improvement Plan: 
It is our vision that being educated at Konnoak means our students grow more than a year's worth annually and that:
By 2020, 90% of third graders will be proficient.
By 2017, 100% of students will demonstrate academic growth.
By 2017, 100% of teachers will receive professional support to reach/exceed proficient on teacher evaluation standards.
By 2017, we will reduce the number of office discipline referrals by 50%.
in order to ensure that our students leave Konnoak with their career and college readiness skills.
It is now time to see how we did in reaching these goals with a data review.
In order to grow all students with 10 days left of school, it is essential that instructional days continue with literacy, math, science, social studies and writing instruction and tasks. Videos should not be used to fill instructional time.  Instructional videos (brainpop, i-ready, etc.) should only be used during direct instruction for less than 10 minutes of any instructional period. This is a great time to embed PBL activities or integrated tasks for enrichment for all students.
This is our last chance to make a difference with our current students for this year!
Let's maximize every day, every minute, every opportunity!!!
Specials: Reminder that the last day of Specials class will be Thursday, June 4 (unless specifically arranged between teachers). Specials teachers will be taking part in the Field Day events and will not be able to conduct class. June 10 and 11 will be days when Specials teachers will be closing out their programs, distributing materials, finalizing their ASW processes, assisting in designated ways and working on other year-end responsibilities. We have heard a few questions concerns about not having specials that we will discuss at SIT on Tuesday.    
New School Update: We anticipate an update this week in a meeting that I have with the project manager and the school designer. I'll update you when I know more. 
PTA:  Thanks to the staff members who participated in or came out to support the Cardinals vs Sam's Club Basketball Challenge.  We appreciate your support and presence!!!  Please remind your students that the t-shirt logo design contest will end on Tuesday. Anyone who wants to submit a logo should do so by 9am on Tuesday. Please encourage students to do this, even in their free time on Monday. The winner will have his/her name on the actual design and will be celebrated by PTA.
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For the Month of June, our commitment is on "Finishing Strong."  What can we do to help make the last 10 days of school positive, enriching, valuable and preparatory for each student?  Let's make it memorable!!  
Let's all rally behind "finishing strong" this week and celebrating the summer as a chance for our students to "Read for the Gold". We need every student encouraged to read 30-60 minutes a day over the summer. We are also working on providing summer reading lists for every student to encourage them to read with a goal in mind. Students should be challenged to keep a reading log and read as many books as they can this summer. The goal would be 30 books for K-1, 50 books for 2-3 and 25 Chapter books for 3-5 readers. We'll work on getting a reading log sheet and suggested book list for each child's report card folder to you. Those students who reach the goals will receive a recognition when they return their logs to the office in August!!
Collaborating as a team, we can Win 24/7. Anything less, is uncivilized.
Thanks for all that you all do!!!!