Dr. Nathan Daughtrey visits Wind Ensemble

Posted by Jonathan Miller on 3/7/2013

In early February Dr. Nathan Daughtrey paid a visit to Glenn High School and spent some time visiting the Wind Ensemble. Dr. Daughtrey is an accomplished composer and percussionist who is a professor at High Point University where he teaches composition and percussion. During the visit the band rehearsed Downtown Dash which is on of Dr. Daughtrey's many compositions for band. After rehearsing the band for about an hour he then performed a couple of his pieces on marimba and vibraphone. The students in Wind Ensemble were star struck and many of them got autographs. When he was done performing Dr. Daughtrey answered questions about music and composing. The students asked very insightful questions of Dr. Daughtrey and I was proud to call them my students. It was a great day for music at Glenn High School!